advantages of recycled paper bedding materials

Paper bedding when managed properly offers the following advantages...

Why Use These Alternative Animal Bedding Products?
Cost-effective. Completely biodegradable. Dust-free. Superior absorbency. Environmentally-friendly. Complete recycling. Easily handledSHRED-A-BED - High quality, dust free, low cost animal bedding which is not only completely bio-degradable but helps improve the environment.

High quality, dust free, low cost animal bedding which is not only completely biodegradable but helps improve the environment.

Health Benefits
An estimated 60% of British horses and ponies suffer from undetected respiratory diseases according to research. The most common cause of respiratory disease is an allergic reaction to the dust and mould spores found in hay, shavings and conventional bedding.

Galloway Recycled Newspapers (Shred-a-Bed) Animal bedding is absolutely clean and safe for animals. It contains no harmful toxic material or allergen dust and is free from fungal spores, weed seeds, etc.

Reduces stress by providing a controlled environment in which a distressed horse can return to health and stay healthy. It is also excellent for the treatment of skin disorders and hair loss caused by irritant elements in other bedding materials.

Fitness Aid
First class aid to fitness and dietary control as it eliminates bed eating.

It has outstanding thermal insulation qualities and is highly absorbent, keeping animals warm, dry and comfortable.

When managed properly paper can be cheaper to use than many other bedding materials and additionally its use may well reduce the cost of expensive medication.

Time Saving
Paper is clean and it virtually eliminates stable stains and considerably reduces grooming time and can also significantly reduce time spent mucking out.

Paper is environmentally safe and pollution free. Used bedding can be applied direct to the land or for composting and is an excellent soil conditioner and fertilizer.

paper is light and easy to handle. Bales are hygienically wrapped in polythene and may be stored outside.

Paper bedding is also great for cats, dogs, poultry & lambing pens...